Lately I’ve Learned


– Sometimes the relentless pursuit of something completely frivolous is totally worth it once you finally get to toss it into your shopping cart. (Or, in the case of Minion tic tacs…tossing six of them into my shopping cart.)

– Below seasonal-average temperatures create above-average moods.

– There are few things I look forward to more than long holiday weekends. And I seldom need a holiday as much as the one that’s coming up.

– The Lantern Festival is going to be awesome.

– The drive-thru workers at my neighborhood McDonald’s tell me to “have a blessed day” — all of them, without fail, every time I stop by for a soda. Which, to me, is more impactful and says a lot more about its people’s values than other establishments that close on Sundays due to a corporate mandate.

Find Momo is one of my favorite books and Instagram accounts. It makes me want a dog that looks just like that. And maybe even take a road trip to a book signing…

– Life never stops changing. There’s no end zone, no victory dance. Just gotta keep playing and adjusting.

– Friends are everything.

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