Bunny Brunch!


A few weeks ago, I saw an ad for a very special brunch with the Easter Bunny at Bissinger’s chocolate factory downtown. Naturally, I wanted to go. However, given that my kids are wrapping up their college careers, I figured they wouldn’t be interested in painting their own chocolate bunny or high-fiving a stranger in a furry costume. My colleague, however, has a three-year old. Winner!!

And today was the big day.

My little buddy wore her lovely glittery dress and matching sparkle shoes. Bunny hugs and high-fives were exchanged. A Bissinger’s chef’s smock was worn. Chocolate bunnies were painted. Chocolate EVERYTHING was eaten, as was a terrific brunch. Just a few pictures were taken.

LOTS of fun was had.



What a wonderful day. I can’t decide who had more fun — me or my buddy.

While I am very definitely a boys’ mom, I’ve decided that I could be a very good girls’  grandma some day.

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  1. Pam G says:

    Granddaughters rock! Glad you had a blast!


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