Travel in Place

“To “travel in place” is to explore the deeper means of community, to understand how to grow a garden, grow food, what kind of tree grows outside your door, what the insects are and the name of that bird is that just flew by…. even if you’re in one place, you can still travel. We’re traveling through time, but we’re also traveling through our life experience…Each day, whether you’re on the road in some foreign country, or you’re in your own home, you can still be a traveler.” — Ricardo Hubbs

color spikes

Recently I picked up a book called “100 Things to Do in St. Louis Before You Die”. I hadn’t had a chance to really dig too deep into it…until tonight.

In light of the ridiculous and horrible news coverage that the beloved town we call home has been receiving lately, I decided tonight that I’d had enough. So I sat down and made a list of at least ten things I plan on doing with my family this winter…right here in St. Louis. Plans to “travel in place,” if you will.

Some things we’ve done before (i.e., the Garden Glow, obviously), some things will be new. Some of the things are from my new book, some aren’t. But here’s my top ten:

1. Garden Glow at the Missouri Botanical Gardens

2. Sled down Art Hill

3. Watch the Penguin Parade at the St. Louis Zoo


4. Walk through the Zoo Lights

5. Ice skate at Steinberg Rink

6. Watch for eagles along the river

7. Visit the Christmas lights on Candy Cane Lane

boys in the labrynth

8. Drive through the Tilles Park light display

9. Watch the Mardi Gras Pet Parade and Wiener Dog Races

10. Go to the Loop Ice Carnival

I also have at least one race scheduled and am contemplating a race series that is run in some of the city’s parks.

I love this town. And I plan on traveling through her and embracing her more fully than ever.

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  1. Amy says:

    I love St. Louis, too, and these sound like great activities. Can’t wait to read more about them and see pictures!


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