Jimmy Choo and Other Delights

Lady & The Terrier © @rafaelmantesso
Lady & The Terrier © @rafaelmantesso

Do yourself a favor.

When you have a chance, go to Rafael Mantesso’s Instagram page. Unfortunately, I’m not savvy enough to pull some of the photos from Instagram into my blog. But he has many photos other than that of his adorable bull terrier. So I pulled what I could from this article.

Not only is he mind-bogglingly creative, he’s a tremendously gifted (and funny!) artist.

Botticelli Bull Terrier © @rafaelmantesso
Botticelli Bull Terrier © @rafaelmantesso

I can’t begin to tell you how much time I spent on his page, ooh-ing and ahhh-ing. This was an exercise in delight — and I couldn’t help but be reminded of how much good people are capable when talents are utilized to the fullest and shared.

Super Bull Terrier © @rafaelmantesso
Super Bull Terrier © @rafaelmantesso

His imagination made me laugh and filled me with awe. Wait until you see his other works. Unbelievable. (His Edward Scissorhands prompted a “are you kidding me??” when I saw it.)

Karaoke Bull Terrier © @rafaelmantesso
Karaoke Bull Terrier © @rafaelmantesso

The terrier’s name is Jimmy Choo, by the way. Which only makes this funnier.

Whether or not you’re on Instagram, pay this man’s page a visit. It’s well worth your time. Promise.
Click here.

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