Kindness Challenge

“Pay Forward a Surprise Treat.”

That was the theme of Day 1 of a 21-Day Kindness Challenge that is being hosted by one of my favorite websites ( The specifics:

“Rev up the engines — it’s time to upgrade someone’s day from mundane to magical with unexpected kindness! Kick off the Kindness Challenge by leaving extra change in a vending machine for the next person, or give $5 to the cashier at your favorite cafe and ask them to gift someone a cappuccino or delectable pastry during the day. If you want to step-it-up, bake or buy a sweet treat and gift it as a surprise to a hardworking someone, maybe the janitor in your building, or the friendly face at the checkout counter, or the colleague who’s having a rough day. Because there is nothing quite as disarming as unanticipated kindness, and your small act just might restore someone’s faith in the goodness of humanity.”

So here was my Surprise Treat to Pay Forward:


I think the challenge might have meant for us to pay forward something more along the lines of sweet treat. But I went with something a little different. Above is a bar of soap I’d purchased for my aunt and uncle several weeks ago. It’s been sitting on my desk at the office and I’ve been too distracted/busy/lazy/forgetful to run it to the post office. This challenge gave me just the oomph that I needed put the little guy in the mail.

The reason the soap reminded me of my aunt and uncle?

Meet their Westie, Gus.


It’s not edible, but I think the soap fits the criteria of a “surprise treat.” Either way, I figure there’s no right or wrong way to extend kindness. I think my aunt and uncle will get a kick out of this — and I know they’ll appreciate the love. (Obviously my aunt and uncle don’t see my blog. So it really will be a surprise.)

I hesitated to share this post because I’m a subscriber to the philosophy that the left hand doesn’t need to know what the right hand is doing — and neither does anyone else. So please know that my only intention is to draw attention to this wonderful activity and humbly share ideas for fulfilling the daily challenges. I figure with all of the pain and ugliness that exists in our world, any little thing we can do to encourage each other to be more kind and make people happier is a good thing.

You can join the challenge here.

If you sign up, you’ll receive a daily kindness activity in your email for the duration of the challenge. I’ll also try to share some of my ideas and results. If you participate, please let me know what you do or how it’s going.

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  1. Robyn Post says:

    So fun!

    ~Love people. Cook them tasty food. ~Love bodies. Keep them strong. ~Love minds. Keep them centered. ~Love spirits. Keep them flowing. ~LOVE. Because we’re all connected.

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