Today I saw that Hipstamatic is hosting a weekly photo challenge on Instagram to see what its users come up with based on a given theme. (Come to find out, they have a daily challenge as well.) I don’t normally participate in hashtag projects on Instagram, but I don’t utilize Hipstamatic as often as should, either. Also, I liked this week’s theme: repetition.

So I thought I’d give it a try.

My first thought was to head to Laumeier Sculpture Park after work to photograph a certain sculpture that would be a perfect fit for this theme. However, that plan quickly unraveled when I couldn’t find the darn thing. It was 94 degrees and I was too hot and sticky to force the issue. So I improvised.

That place has lots and lots of lovely repetition: sculptural lines…


…symbols in a Braille exhibit description…


…rings on an old stump…


Even a mess of old, dry, identical leaves.

Everything was taken with the Hipstamatic (John S lens, D-Type Plate film) on my iPhone and all were taken with the intent of staying within the theme of Repetition (#hipsta_repetition).

For the most part.


Of course, being me, I became distracted and started to see other things of interest.

Like this big sculpture dude.

(My favorite photo of the day. My favorite photo in a long time, actually.)


A lonely path in the woods.

(Loftus lens, Maximus LXIX film, random selection)


And the long shadows of evening that are starting to come much earlier now.

(Foxy lens, Sugar film, random selection)


Oddly enough, I didn’t post any of these photos in the Instagram challenge. I actually used the sunflower photo from a few weeks ago. But for me, that really doesn’t matter. I am really grateful for this challenge. It took me out of my normal thought and viewing patterns, forcing me to notice things that I normally wouldn’t.

I can’t wait to see what challenge is next.

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