Beautiful Bulldogs


Meet Lucey, recent winner of Drake University’s Most Beautiful Bulldog Pageant. She aspires to be a therapy dog and promises to devote her reign to the pursuit of world peace. (Okay, I made that last part up.)

I look forward to this announcement every year, but I’m sorry, these are the funniest photos I’ve seen in a loooong time. These poor pooches look so humiliated. I want to squeeze all of them — and I cannot stop laughing.

****All photos in this post are credited to AP photographer Charlie Neibergall and the source article is here.***


“Omigosh, they painted my toenails blue. That’s it; my will is broken.”

slide_346578_3651709_free“Abe Lincoln? Yeah, guess it could be worse. They could’ve dressed me like the clown.”

slide_346578_3651140_free“Dude. This suuuucks.”

slide_346578_3651717_free“I don’t want to hear it, clown. I’m wearing garters on my paws.”

slide_346578_3651720_free“I don’t know what you babies are crying about. Princess is in the house.”

Already looking forward to next year’s pageant.

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