Sunday Smiles and Snuffleupagus


I don’t know if I overdid it yesterday or what, but my long run today…well, it sucked. Ugh, I felt like I had concrete blocks strapped to my shoes. Fortunately, I ran into one of my running buddies in a local park and she took the hills with me. Then, on my way home, this little yellow nugget caught the corner of my eye. A Seed of Happiness was on the side of the road. Obviously I left him where I found him, but I took a photo and a big smile with me the rest of the way home. What a random little message of encouragement!

I also noticed this funky tree looking at me. He made me smile, too, but only because the photo made him look like a Snuffleupagus.


It was a crappy, funny run all rolled into one.

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