Pick Me Up

I’m happily noticing that daylight is hanging on a little longer every day. 
Pretty soon we’ll see lots of blue skies and lots of this…

IMG_8369 IMG_8352 bleeding heart

I’m getting antsy for it. There’s something about January that seems so…grey. I tend to retreat to my photo library in search of color and cheerfulness.

When I get like this, I’m reminded of Sir Anthony Hopkins in “Shadowlands” when he portrayed C.S. Lewis. Without fail, I can hear him say, “I’ve always found this a trying time of the year. The leaves not yet out, mud everywhere you go. Frosty mornings gone. Sunny mornings not yet come. Give me blizzards and frozen pipes, but not this nothing time, not this waiting room of the world.” 

But there are some positives about this time of year:
– Hot chocolate still makes sense
– Fleece blankets are still cozy
– Our cats are adorable when they warm themselves on the floor vents
– It doesn’t look *that* weird that our Christmas tree is still up (yet)
– Hello Kitty earmuffs might still be worn
– New Year’s Resolutions aren’t irreparably blown 
– Peppermint Bark Chex Muddy Buddies are on like 90% off on clearance
– I don’t feel guilty for watching an entire season of Derek on Netflix in one sitting because it’s too dark outside to do anything productive

That’s all I got. 

One Comment Add yours

  1. Pete says:

    To me January marks the march of daylight and warmth, well maybe not warmth, up here that’s still three months away. Nice posting!


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