Hello, there.


Chilly afternoon walk through Powder Valley crossed my path with a rather large gathering of deer. And I’m not kidding when I tell you that I’ve seen dogs along my running route  more disturbed by my presence. These guys acknowledged me, sniffed the air, surveyed the situation, and casually went about their business.

The littlest one was more curious than the rest and started to head in my direction…


little guy

…until one of its larger companions sternly pawed the ground. And that was the end of that. Little one promptly retreated and started munching whatever it is that deer munch.


^ Doesn’t this guy look like he has clown eyebrows?

After I left the path, I visited the wildlife viewing area to see what birds were hanging around. It was your normal array of songbirds, but I really loved this male cardinal. He sure was a pretty little thing.



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  1. Robyn Post says:

    Critters! We have deer in our ‘hood, and we’ve had tiny little fawns sheltered in our yard a couple of times. We used to have more deer before the coyotes moved in. I still love seeing them!

    And that cardinal looks extra magnificent again the gray background, doesn’t he? I think female cardinals are beautiful, too. They visit our feeder in winter months, and I’m always so happy to see them…reminds me of home!

    ~Love people. Cook them tasty food. ~Love bodies. Keep them strong. ~Love minds. Keep them centered. ~Love spirits. Keep them flowing.

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