An ornament raffle was held as a fundraiser at the office today…and this was one of my contributions. It’s not everyone’s taste, I realize. But I’m really proud of it, so please humor me as I share. I’ve never done anything like this! Given my art background, I’ve worked with a lot of other art and craft mediums, but I’ve never been much into floral stuff. But then I raided the holiday sale section at Michael’s. I thought these little circus animals were hilarious.

bear ornament

lion ornament

penguin ornament

Now I had nothing to do with this guy. This was made by my favorite bakery. Isn’t he great??

melty snowman

Today was fun, no doubt about it. But it was an odd day of realization for me, too. While it doesn’t bother me whatsoever when someone says that they don’t like something I create or share my aesthetic (a statement or two indicated that not everyone was a fan of the above wreath), I’ve discovered that I’m less tolerant in other ways. I noticed it several times today. For a variety of reasons (mostly involving manners and professional etiquette), my feathers were ruffled and nerves were on edge. And then, at the end of the day, I did something that I never do. When I went onto Facebook, I let a ridiculous political post sever my last nerve. It was grossly inaccurate and, coupled with my pre-existing grumpiness, I  decided to leave a response. It wasn’t snotty or hateful, it was just a short piece of information debunking the story. While my comment wasn’t mean, the spirit behind it certainly was. I deleted the comment almost as soon as it was posted. I realized that I really didn’t care if this person knew this information; I wanted her to feel stupid. Then it occurred to me that a big part of today’s problem was me. This was confirmed this evening when I saw this quote:

“Don’t think of people as stupid, think of them as still learning.”

 Aw, geez. And there you have it.

Only this quote should be modified for me: “Don’t think of people as stupid, think of them as still learning — and, by the way, so are you.” We’re all a work in progress. And I’m guessing that kindness is a lot more helpful than quiet anger, irritation or smugness. That’s what I hope to receive from people when they have to deal with me and my shortcomings. Suppose I should work on giving the same in return. I’m not thrilled that I wasted parts of a really fun day being a grouch, but I’m grateful for the lesson.

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