Looks Like Joy to Me


Seriously. Is there anything cuter than a smiling Labrador Retriever?

I posted an excerpt and a link to this essay not too long ago, but it’s worth repeating. Especially since I got to take this photo.

“What if you went through today — one day — living your life the way a dog sees it? Thrilled to go for a short walk, ecstatic over meeting another dog, happy as can be just to feel someone’s touch, playing with the simplest toys. Yes, be your own dog — for a day. Appreciating every moment. Loyal to those who love you. Courage to defend what needs to be defended. Eating with appreciation. Looking with awe at a pigeon. It’s a dog’s life.

What if you had a tail you could wag? Would you wag it? I would.”


By coincidence, I read this at a work event today as kind of the “opening reflection” of our retreat. Guess somebody was telling me to take my own lessons to heart.

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