San Antonio


I’ve been out of touch for a few days due to a work trip to San Antonio that brought a few adventures for me and the boys.

Memphis threw a wrench into our plans to see a playoff game while in town when they got themselves swept, but it didn’t stop us from visiting the Spurs stadium and fan store. What an impressive arena.

We also took in some traditional San Antonio sites, including a few visits to the river walk and a ferry tour.

river ferry

I think one of my favorite things about San Antonio was how vibrant it was. There was nothing dull or subtle about anything. Color was everywhere…even in the smallest details.


Even the music was colorful.


While eating riverside, we learned that the ducks were brazen beggars. This one had decided that the concrete section under Tanner’s chair belonged to him. Ankle bites and pokes ensued.


And a first trip to San Antonio isn’t complete without a visit to the Alamo. I’d heard that it was a bit disappointing/overrated, but we did not agree. In fact, we paid it evening and daytime visits.


bird bath

(How gorgeous is this old tree?)

tree at alamo

st anthony


Escaping the Texas heat in the air conditioning of the mall at the end of the river walk, I found my mother ship.

Hello, Kitty.

lot o kitties


And I wonder how my kids became so silly.



We were also able to take in some less traditional San Antonio sites. When we learned that a rare set of giraffe twins were born nearby, we headed to the wildlife reserve to pay them a visit. Only the second pair ever born in the United States! Unfortunately, we only saw one of the babies while we were there, but we still had a lot of fun. The giraffes were curious, friendly and funny. I got to pat this guy’s nose.


giraffes and boys

mom and baby

We drove through the park and saw some beautiful animals and landscapes.

in the road





We were able to take in a lot of sites in a very brief amount of time. And we’re happy to be home.

I’ve learned that, while my boys are grown up and their interests change, some things will never change.
They’re always gonna be my kids…and kids at heart.

puggy wuggy

(This is Tanner’s stuffed pug, Puggy Wuggy. He’s accompanied us on very vacation we’ve ever had.)

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  1. Amy says:

    I’ve been wondering about your trip! Let me know how your presentation went. Love the tree at the Alamo and how cute are the Hello Kitty Kiss dolls?


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