Top O’ the Lou to Ya


Started the weekend with a couple of buddies at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade Race, a five-mile run that boasts some 12,000 runners.

Well…”runners” might be too strong of a term.
Given the above photo, let’s try “participants“.

And it was such a blast! This guy was one of many folks who dressed for the occasion. Green was everywhere — wigs, boas, full body suits, kilts, hats straight out of a Dr. Seuss book. Who knew that St. Louis loved St. Patrick’s Day so much??

After the race, we headed to an Irish pub for some lunch. Check out what they did to my buddy’s Guinness! Even the beer foam was in the spirit.


The below photo has nothing to do with the post. Just some Soulard charm…with a window with a frog on a pedestal.


And then there’s this.

This video doesn’t exist

Yep. St. Louisans LOVE their St. Paddy’s Day.

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