This and That

Highlights from the Halloween 10k that I ran last month.
It’s so much fun to watch the video and go, “Hey, I saw that!” or “Oh, I remember running through there!”
What a great run. Can’t wait to do it again.
But a couple of super fun runs are coming up soon. When it comes to running, I’ve decided if it’s not fun, I’m not doing it.

Except for the half marathon in April. No themes, no novelty, no fun with that one.
No, that one is more like “get ‘er done and feel proud.” End of story.

On a totally random side note. Have you heard?
No more Twinkies. No more Ding Dongs. No more Wonder Bread.
No more Hostess??? What, are you kidding?
I feel like a piece of Americana is dying.
Guess the one consolation we have is that if we stock up on Twinkies now, the shelf life is like 20 years from now.
I mean, the bomb could go off and only the cockroaches and Twinkies would survive.
So I could conceivably purchase enough Twinkies to hold me until retirement.
Then again, do I really care that much? It’s not like anyone is putting the kibosh on Mallomars or anything.

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