Charlie Brown and the Great Exhibit

For the longest time, I’ve wanted to get out to Santa Rosa, California, to visit the Charles M. Schultz Museum. At one point I thought that maybe I could find a way to incorporate a stop at the museum while meeting my goal of visiting California’s wintering sites of the monarch butterfly. I’d scoured maps and even investigated train routes.
Well guess what? I can take that off my California agenda when I finally make it out there one day!
I just read this morning that the museum is bringing an exhibit to Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry in October. I am so there! I’m even thinking about taking a fall train ride during Great Pumpkin season.
Cannot wait.
Fun and useless piece of trivia: I share a birthday with Lucy van Pelt.

2 thoughts on “Charlie Brown and the Great Exhibit

  1. We have seen some really cool exhbits at the Museum of Science and Industry…the Harry Pottery exhibit (even cool for me who isn’t a HP fan like my husband), the Muppets exhibit and now this! 🙂


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