Dear So and So: Running Edition


Been a long time since it occurred to me to write a Dear So and So note, but a few cluttered my mind tonight while I ran. So here goes.

Dear Neighbor Who is Fortunate Enough to Have a Garage:
Your cars are parked in the driveway because you can’t fit them among the floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall junk you’ve accumulated in your two-car garage.
Sincerely: Doesn’t That Defeat the Purpose?

Dear Dog Owner:
If you were hoping for a guard dog, it would be easier to take your yellow lab seriously if his tail wasn’t swishing back and forth like a high-speed windshield wiper when he barked from your porch. Seriously, his whole body moves with his tail’s reckless abandon.
Sincerely: I Want to Stop and Hug Him

Dear Other Dog Owner:
I swear I’m not judging you for the pink “Juicy” t-shirt your wiener dog is wearing.
Sincerely: Sorry, it’s Weird

Dear Heart, Lungs, Muscles, and Bones:
Thank you for sustaining me through all of the stress and strain that my running puts you through.
Sincerely: Giving You Props in Spite of My Current Leg Cramps

Dear Big Ole Monstrous Leaf:
Thanks for giving me a welcome distraction and photo-op along my route tonight. You must have come from a magnificent tree.
Sincerely: That Thing Was Seriously Bigger Than My Head

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  1. A Juicy t-shirt on a weiner dog? Hmm. *shakes head* I’m not sure if I’m more concerned that the dog wears better clothes than me, or that the owner thinks the dog needs to be so fashion-forward?


    1. Hahahaha! I’m totally with you on both counts!! 🙂


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