Redefining Rest Stop

What better way to break up a six and a half hour drive from Madison than a stroll through Anderson Japanese Gardens in Rockford, Illinois? What an amazingly beautiful, peaceful place.

The waterfalls…the tea house…the koi ponds…it was exactly what I needed before continuing the long, monotonous drive through the endless cornfields and wind turbines of the Illinois landscape. Not only was the drive more tolerable after that, I enjoyed it.

The little boy below got the biggest kick out of the koi feeding frenzy he created.
And I got a kick out of being able to observe it.
Those are some big, fat, happy fish.

Aren’t these angels similar to those at the Missouri Botanical Garden? Or at least really, really similar?

Not sure who built the little rock tower behind the tea house, but it felt like I found a secret.

Wandering around that peaceful space, it was like a big sigh of relief.
I could have stayed there all day.
Especially after such a grueling week of training.

But I had a long way to travel and a family I’ve been missing still several hours away…so I got back on the road.

As much as I benefitted from a week of training and as much as I enjoyed the detour along my drive, I’m so, so, SO happy to be home.

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  1. Amy says:

    Ah, Joe and I need to go back there! It was Novemeber when we went and definitely need to see the gardens in all of its summertime glory!


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