Loving the Lantern Festival

Since its May opening, we’ve heard nothing but rave reviews about our Botanical Garden’s Lantern Festival.
I’ve so wanted to go, but the descriptions of the enormity of the crowds was, to me, a little daunting.
(Okay, I know we just ran The Color Run among a sea of people, but that’s different. You’re expected to sweat at a 5k. So is everyone around you.  Strolling through a garden? I’d kinda rather sweat solo.)
Our plan worked. While there was still a nice crowd, it was comfortable.
We were able to move along the paths freely and I was able to linger wherever I wanted to work on my night photography.

I’ve always had a tough time with taking photos in low light…especially with my good camera.
But the lanterns were pretty forgiving.
The photos aren’t perfect, but I’m working on it.


It’s such a lovely festival. If you have a chance to go — don’t worry about the crowds or weather. Just go!

7 Comments Add yours

  1. Amy says:

    Love these pictures! I had to show Joe…the pandas are adorable.


  2. Kelli says:

    What wonderful pictures…looks beautiful! How long does this last?


  3. heytherefriends says:

    The festival runs through August 19. I want to go back and get there before the sun goes down next time. I have a feeling the lanterns are just as beautiful when you can actually see the garden in bloom around them.


  4. Alex Khoo says:

    Nice series of photos here!


    1. Thanks so much — I really appreciate it!


      1. Alex Khoo says:

        You are very welcome! Do drop by my blog anytime! 🙂


      2. Your blog and photos are really lovely!


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