Stalling Tactic

After an entire day of sitting in the sun and 100+ temperatures at the tennis courts watching my boy, I’m doing everything I can to put off my daily run and a trip back into the heat. So I’ve been fiddling around with a few photos I took today and it’s still topping 90 degrees as we approach 8:00. Not sure when or if my run will happen, but I’m having fun with a few of these filters.

(the original)

In the meantime, as I cower in my air conditioned living room trying to figure out if I feel like sweating any more, I need to give all kudos to my son for three solid days of grueling, hard-core, gutsy tennis on some really freaking hot courts — which all began only a day after one of his chemo treatments.
Seriously, what an amazing kid.
Here he is with his mixed doubles partner as they wait to play their final.
(no editing this one — just an iPhone photo.)

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  1. Kelli says:

    Way to go Drew, for a gutsy performance! And way to go Laura for cheering him on in all that heat!!!


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