Bulldog Beauty

Meet Tyson.
Winner of the 33rd annual Drake Relay’s Most Beautiful Bulldog Contest.
He is also the headline of THE best news story of this week. In my mind, anyway.

Photo source for all photos here. You can also find the dogs’ names and background.
Including background on ol’ Pork Chop, here.

Chin up, baby. You’re a beauty, too.

Yo. Anybody seen my cousin, Carmine?

Mighty Thor (anyone else reminded of Adventures in Babysitting?)


These two seem to be the only ones who are aware of how humiliating this really is.

Tanner had considered Drake for a while, but alas, it wasn’t what he wanted.
Apparently the fact that his mother waits for the results of its bulldog beauty pageant every year didn’t carry much weight in the decision-making process.
Ironically, his university of choice has a bulldog as its mascot, but I don’t think they do anything like this.
But if they do, you can bet I’ll be there…front row, with camera, ready to buy t-shirts.

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