Good News or Bad News First?

Bad news.
So today when I went to the store, there was nothing but a clearance sign and empty shelf space where the Mallomars used to be. (Insult to injury: the clearance price was $1.99! Ouch.)
Logical yet disturbing conclusion: Mallomar season is over.
Oh, no. One of my sons is in such a panic that he’s asking me to search for recipes online so I can make them from scratch. 
Good news.
In a strange twist of fate, my favorite cupcake bar just opened a new (albeit condensed) location — practically right next to our grocery store. 
It’s an expensive consolation, but it will work as a decadent substitute. The other bright side of Mallomar season drawing to a close is that spring and warmer temperatures are coming. 
But I seriously hope to find a recipe somewhere. Soon.

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