Many Happy Returns

Twitter is one of my absolute favorite sources for news, humor, useless trivia, and other entertainment. Lately it has also brought our attention to a few rather odd observances. 
Take today, for instance. Break out the noisemakers, it’s National Peanut Butter Day.
A few days ago, it was National Hug Day. 
There’s also been Squirrel Appreciation Day. And Penguin Awareness Day. 
And that’s just within this past week! Oh! And then there’s National Popcorn Day. 
I like this one. A lot. Especially given that we have a new way of making popcorn: 
Take a brown paper lunch bag, dump @ 1/2 cup of loose popcorn kernels in the bottom. 
Double fold the top of the bag (just two inches or so per fold). 
Place in the microwave and pop it (I use the popcorn auto setting). 
After time is up, sprinkle salt or white cheddar powder in the bag and shake. Or add butter.
That’s it. Done.
No oil, no nasty fumes, no greasy mess in the microwave. Just perfect (cheap!) popcorn. 
I think that’s a good reason to celebrate!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Amy says:

    That's how we made our popcorn growing up before microwave bags.


  2. Really?? I'd never heard of it until someone posted it on pinterest! I just love it! We had an electric popper growing up and it required oil.


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