It’s beginning to look a lot like…sunshine

If it can’t be a white Christmas, then an unseasonably sunshiny day is the next best thing. 
And my sister and I took advantage of it — both on Christmas Eve and Christmas day. 
While Christmas day’s walk was confined to our parents’ neighborhood, Christmas Eve’s walk took us to the wooded trails around a nature center across town. 
Such a great day (spent going back and forth between the Canon and the Hipstamatic).
What the heck are these? I haven’t a clue, but this is the coolest leafless tree ever. 
It’s like it didn’t get the memo that wintering trees are supposed to look sad, lifeless and twiggy.


In spite of the sunshine, there was still just a hint of the reality of the season. 

All in all, such a lovely (early) gift from Mother Nature. 

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