I’m going to be honest. It’s kind of cool to work at a place that you get to walk by one of these as you walk into the lunchroom. But this isn’t just any old nativity. For decades, this nativity was a holiday staple in the chapel at our (my employer’s) sponsoring congregation’s mother house. A mother house that these wonderful Sisters no longer call home. What a strange time of transition this must be for them. This year, they will be worshipping in a new chapel in their new home. A simpler chapel, side by side with other residents of their retirement community — a population that includes other religious orders, even lay folks. And their nativity now has a home with us. But you know what? I think we need it more than they do. We need this nativity because, as the Sisters continue to transition, it gives them a presence at our office that is so beautiful, even if it is a little small. It serves as a reminder of their tradition of faith — a tradition that I hope will continue with us.
Throwing in a Hipstamatic photo for good measure. 
Now I think I need to set up our own nativity here at home. Or maybe not. Right now I have two kids and two cats sprawled out on two couches watching tv by the light of our Christmas tree. A rare night with the entire family at home. I can’t think of anywhere I’d rather be.

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