Get a load of what’s going right here in St. Louis! While we’ve been watching the US Open on television every day, we’ve got the US Open Wheelchair Tennis Championships going on at Dwight Davis right under our noses!
These are without question some of the most amazing athletes I have ever seen. In fact, the most dominant athlete in all of sports plays wheelchair tennis. And guess what — she’s here! (I didn’t get to see her tonight, but she’s the number one seed in the women’s open.)
Recognize the ball boy standing next to the umpire’s chair below? That’s my boy! His college tennis team (and the girls’ team) served as ball kids tonight, so I went to watch. Yes, those are knee-length argyle socks he’s wearing with his tennis shorts and sneaks. And no, they don’t match. 
A super sweet guide in a wheelchair filled me on on the differences between regular wheelchairs and tennis ones. There’s some serious engineering going on there. This guy was great — so passionate about the sport. He even works for a wheelchair manufacturer. 
So glad Drew and his team got to do this. And most grateful that I was able to benefit from his experience. 

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  1. Amy says:

    Those pictures made me get teary-eyed. So cool!


  2. I forgot to mention that the players are from all over the world. It was the coolest thing. I talked to this one guy who casually mentioned that he is a Paraolympian. I just wanted to say, Oh my gosh, you're here in St. Louis! How'd we pull this off??"


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