Buddhas, Birdies and Blessings

Hello, Buddha man. 
If I had extra cash burning a hole in my pocket ($99 – yikes!), you’d be blessing my garden. 
Alas, I don’t, so I’ll keep looking at your photo and enjoying the peace. 
I seriously wanted to hug this statue right in the middle of the store. Or at least pat his bald head.
I love these, too, but they’re too small to hug. These little ones arrived from the U.K. over the weekend — part of this project. A wonderful artist made 1,000 of these tiny birdies to benefit relief efforts in Japan. She thought that it was going to be a long-term project. Guess what? They’re gone. I’m so thankful that I ordered ours before she sold them all! (Back birdie says “Japan.”)

Not quite on par with an earthquake or tsunami, the tornado here in town really wreaked some havoc. So many folks lost everything they have — entire neighborhoods were wiped out. I’m feeling so fortunate that our part of town was spared. And I’m even more grateful that no one was hurt and that no one I work with suffered any kind of loss. Simply amazing. 

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