Tired, happy, loving my family.

I’m typing by the glow of our freshly decorated and totally overloaded family Christmas tree. 
The boys hung many of the ornaments this year … and the kitties seemed to want to help. 
They all did a beautiful job.
Each ornament was carefully unwrapped with a unique story attached. 
Below was handmade (paper pinecone – instructions here). An office holiday project. Lots of straight pins and sore fingertips.  
There’s always time for kitty love. Even while decking the halls. 
Whew. Our lovely tree took almost all day! Pizza was served, Elf and The Grinch played in the background, and fun was had by all. We almost missed the fact that Murphy had tuckered himself out and made a nest out of my coat that I had tossed on the floor. (What does this look say to you? Says to me, “Don’t even think about hanging this in the closet.”)
Murph, I’m with you, buddy. Think I’m going to be calling it an early night. too.  

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Amy says:

    I love the paper pinecone! Looks like a wonderful day of festivities!


  2. The pinecones are super easy! A friend at work made a bunch and gave them as gifts.


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