On the way to work this morning, I saw a tree that appeared to be shedding its leaves. Hundreds of leaves were falling so briskly that it reminded me of a dog shaking water out of its fur after a swim. It was like the tree was surrounded by a curtain of orange and yellow. It’s so weird to think that trees are able to just up and decide that they’re ready to shed. The leaves have absolutely no say in the matter. This little gingko tree at the neighborhood craft store seems to be content with its cover. But I’m guessing they’ll be parting ways soon. I read the best explanation of the whole leaf-loss process today. As I drove by the house with the two yellow labrador retrievers, I saw one of the dogs romping and playing in a freshly raked pile of leaves. So darn cute.

I took this photo outside my dentist’s office. Seemed very Christmasy. And tonight when I got home from work, Christmas decorating officially began. I started on the outside of the house with all new things. I’ve used the same outdoor decorations for the past few years, so I made a pretty drastic change. Not sure about this one. I think I’ve turned something that is “slightly whimsical” into something that is dangerously Whoville-ish. The only light I had when I decorated was the light from my wreaths and what was cast from the windows. That’s not much light, so I’m hoping that my decorating efforts are not as obnoxious as I think once some daylight is shed on the subject.

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  1. Amy says:

    You will have to post a picture of your holiday decor!


  2. Sure! I'll post tomorrow! It definitely looks different in the daytime. And it's… bright. 🙂


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