You’re (still) a Good Man, Charlie Brown.

Happy 60th Anniversary, Charlie Brown! 
I marked the occasion by flipping through my Peanuts treasures from that great little store in Baraboo, trying to figure out if I could ever get to the Schulz Museum and making cupcakes for the kids. 

Sixty years seems like a long time for a cartoon to stay relevant, but I have a tough time gauging just how long. A lot can happen in sixty years. Take this building that I saw on the way home yesterday, for example. It looks older, but is it 60-years old? Or was Charlie Brown around before this place was built and outlasted it? (Wonder what it looked like when it was brand new. Even in disrepair it looks cool.)
Sixty years or no, Charlie Brown and his buds have aged perfectly. In fact, they haven’t changed at all. And they’re awesome. 

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