Today I ordered close to two dozen prints at the lab and not a single one came from a digital or film camera. Instead, every photo was taken with the Hipstamatic application on my iPhone. 

Six different lenses, eight types of film, and six flash options are available with the swipe of a finger across the screen. I’ve tried all kinds of combinations and I’ve yet to find one that doesn’t work. 
And I’m hooked.

From today’s peach purchase to the garland above my kitchen window, the Hipstamatic makes even the most mundane objects fascinating. 
Something else that I found fascinating today came from the New York Times. A lovely feature about a neighborhood in Brooklyn. Be sure to read the article before you view the interactive feature. You form vivid portraits of the residents in your own mind as you read, so it’s neat to see the “real thing” after. I loved this article. I wondered how long the reporter worked on the story and how it impacted her. To learn all of these individual stories and hear about the rich history, it had to have moved her. 

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  1. J. says:

    These are just awesome. I can't make my Hipstamatic do any of this.


  2. Thanks so much!! With the Hipstamatic, it's all about the film. These were all taken with the Float Film that comes with the Shibuya HiptsaPak. The Float Film gives photos a great vintage feel no matter what lens you use.


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