And it’s not even July

The kids have a tennis tournament this weekend and the heat is simply brutal. Just sitting and watching from under a shade tree today wiped me out. We started to go for a walk this evening but ultimately decided never to get out of the car thanks to the heat. I took the above photo out the car window.

Fortunately we did get out of the car last night because we finally saw the twins that we’ve been hearing about. They are the tiniest things. And I adore the old couple that told me about the babies. They walk every night and they always tell me that they’ve missed me when I haven’t been around for a while. It’s so sweet. He never seems to wear his upper plate, so he has this great gummy smile. And she has this overly-permed hair that curls so tightly to her head that I don’t know how she gets a comb through it. I often wonder if they were championship square dancers in their time. I imagine they would look quite charming in matching red and white gingham. They’re very Grand Ole Opry-ish. And probably two of the kindest people I’ve crossed paths with.

Then tonight, Drew and I went to pick up a newspaper* at a local convenience store. It’s run by a number of Pakistani families in the area. The gentleman at the register this evening was older and one we’d not seen before. His eyes twinkled and he had the warmest smile. Then out of the blue, he asked me, “Are you from here?” I told him yes, I live just up the street. “No, is this your origin? Are you from here?” Oh…yes. I’m from here. “Really? Your look is German,” he said. (Really? I have never had anyone peg me with another ethnicity before.) He went on to tell me that he is from Pakistan and that he has been here for a year and a half, along with his mother and his wife. “My whole family come here,” he said with a smile and a sweep of his arms. Already knowing his answer, I asked if he was happy. “Yes, I am so very happy.” I hope he’s working the next time we’re on a Slushee run. Not only is he happy, he gives happiness away. After just a few minutes, I felt better for being around him.

*Congratulations, Drew for being selected to the second team of the Post Dispatch’s All-Metro boys tennis team. SO proud.

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  1. Amy says:

    Yay, Drew! Joe and I just returned from a church small group and several refugee families come to our group. One woman lived for 19 years in a refugee camp and she is only in her early 20s. Anyway, I always feel so much better after being around this group of people. They are so happy and so thankful to be here…I take it for granted and spending time with them, and getting to know them, make me a better person.


  2. What a wonderful group! 19 years in a refugee camp? That's amazing. That's so true — they seem to be thankful for the things that I just assume everyone has. One of the younger guys who works at the convenience store was educated in Pakistan and held a Master's. He came here to go to grad school, knowing that none of his credits would be accepted — including his undergrad. So he's started working on his Bachelor's all over again, with plans to go on to Grad school after. Blew my mind.


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