After a late afternoon thunderstorm blew in and blew back out, the air was cool and oh-so-nice. Which may have something to do with why I saw more than two dozen deer when I walked through Powder Valley tonight.

By the road, on the pathways, in the nature center front yard…they were everywhere. It felt as if they didn’t notice I was there — or care. They just went about their business without even an ear twitch of alarm. Especially this one.

She was literally within two feet of the path. This photo caught her mid-chew, which is why her cheeks look like a chipmunk’s. She just laid there, chomping lazily and glancing at me from time to time. It wasn’t until a couple came up from the other direction that she finally started paying more attention. When she finally decided it was time to move, it wasn’t in a threatened, “Oh, I must flee, man is in the forest!” in a high-pitched Disney-esque voice kind of way. It was more of a leisurely, bordering-on-bored, “Okay, folks. Show’s over. Move on.” So I did.

Apparently there are three fawns in the area, but I didn’t see them tonight. But I’ll try again. One thing that I did see that was kind of interesting was this mess of suspended sticks*, which I’m assuming is the aftermath of this afternoon’s storm. It was like nature’s attempt to interpret Andy Goldsworthy.

*not a great photo, but you can get the idea. 

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