Ah, memories…

Funniest. Website. Ever. Is “ever” an exaggeration? Oh, perhaps. But some of that site’s photos had me laughing so hard that I was in tears. Lest you think that I only laugh at the expense of others, here is my contribution to the less-than-ideal virtual family photo album. 
Easter 1972. This image is clearly not in the same category as the train wrecks from that site, but it still makes me laugh — especially since the vast majority of our family photos are really adorable. But who doesn’t have a few of these Kodak off moments stuffed in an old family album somewhere (clearly some are worse than others)? But it got me thinking about family photos. I honestly believe that this is the biggest drawback of digital cameras. Today, this photo would likely have been deleted from the memory card as soon as Mom played it back. Instead, it was snapped, developed and preserved for all of us to get a kick out of almost 40 years later. Sun-induced scowls? Sure. But I think it’s adorable — and I love it. Plus, how stylin’ are my Dad’s matching socks? 

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Amy says:

    Love the website! I think it will be giving me another reason to waste countless hours on the internet.


  2. Isn't it hysterical? It's hard to stop browsing though all of the weirdness.


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