Really quick walk tonight and I saw all kinds of stuff. Baby bunnies bouncing around, seven deer chomping lazily on the nature center’s landscaping, a ginormous raccoon skulking about and lots of new flowers and trees blooming. I’d never noticed before, but Queen Anne’s lace looks so much prettier from the back. And a certain row of mimosa trees looks like it is exploding right now. Normally I love them, but tonight they drudged up the weirdest thought. They’re so beautiful and exotic from a distance, but when you look at the flowers up close, the blooms actually look a little bit like the fiber optic centerpiece that belongs to my former father-in-law*. Creeped me out a bit**.
* Not being critical; merely stating an observation.
**Okay, maybe a little critical.***
***But of the fiber optics, not of the former father-in-law. 

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