Onondaga Cave

I got my Mother’s Day wish after all! When I headed to Springfield for the boys’ state tournament, I decided to have some fun. If I saw something interesting, I’d stop. And guess what I was fortunate enough to find along the way? Onondaga Cave State Park. It did not disappoint. After a detour off the interstate and an hour and a half tour through the massive cave by a really nice, awfully smart tour guide, I was back in the car and on my way. (A few items that caught my attention that didn’t inspire a stop: the World’s Largest Rocking Chair and the Vacuum Cleaner Museum.)

The experience felt very Indiana Jones-esque. Unfortunately I don’t have a lot of pictures to show for it because it was wicked dark in there. But I did what I could. 

A little girl in our group was more interested in taking inventory of all of the little bats fluttering about than she was checking out the cave formations. I tried to share her enthusiasm, but I secretly wished that her mother would clamp her hand over the child’s mouth. Bats are good, but they’re creepy little things.

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