I spy…

Went to work super early this morning. As I waited for the parking garage gate to lift, I was taken with the way the sun played off of the dew and random web strings on the hostas in the landscaping. It seems impolite to ignore nature when it extends little gifts of beauty. So I parked the car and came back outside. 

It was an entirely different kind of light by the time I got out of the office this afternoon. Bright and hot. But nature had one more photo op for me. This was taken right next to the first window of the McDonald’s drive thru. If you look really close, you can see a baby bird checking me out where the pipe meets the opening. His mom had just left and I happened to have my camera on the front seat. When I paid for my food, I said to the cashier, “Did you know that you have a bird nest in that thing?!” Unimpressed, he replied, “Yeah. And I have to listen to them all day long.” Alrighty then. I still thought it was funny.

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