Birthday Fun

My wonderful friend Lorraine’s birthday isn’t until next week, but thanks to messy calendars, our office took her to Shogun Steak House for lunch today. I’ve never been before and it was so much fun. Here’s a glimpse of the fun that we had. Lorraine was getting down with the birthday dragon…
Shogun’s is a Japanese place and we had a chef prepare our food at the table. Our chef was silly and entertaining, juggling his tools, lighting poofs of fire and tossing food about (caught a piece of broccoli with my mouth!). And the food was great. I’ve GOT to take the kids.
And Lorraine’s selection for her birthday cake is of the lemonade variety — her favorite. Wanna know why I make cupcakes instead of layer cakes? It’s not for portion control. It’s not even for the super cute cupcake liners. No, it’s because almost every time I make a layer cake, I break one or both of the layers moving it from the pan to the cooling rack. And tonight was no exception. Fortunately I was able to cement the thing together with frosting, but it still bummed me out. This is going to the office tomorrow (in a brand new cake tote) to keep the celebration going. 

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