B.B. and Buddy

“Well girl, if you won’t love me, then I know your sister will.”
Above quote is now the status on one of my kid’s facebook pages as a result of last night’s Buddy Guy and B.B. King concert. “Buddy Guy is the King of the Blues” is another status. Yes, it’s official: my kids have the Blues. And we all had more fun last night than we’ve had in months. It was a four hour concert, but the kids and I knew right away that we were experiencing something special. I can’t begin to describe it. These guys were unbelievable: easy-going but full of energy, funny but a little naughty, ridiculously talented and entertaining. It was surreal to watch how enthralled my teenagers were with 74- and 84-year old singers from a genre that they knew so little about. It was like watching a generational and cultural gap close right in front of me. Still photos don’t begin to give the flavor of the night, so I strung together a few short video clips that I took. The images aren’t great, but the vibe is there.
(1. Buddy = Satisfied; 2. Buddy = Sister Milked a Bull; 3. B.B. = Nobody Loves Me and Nobody Seems to Care; and 4. B.B. = You Are My Sunshine)

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