Every now and then, a table in our lunchroom contains a few platters of leftover food from a lunch meeting, cake from an office celebration, or even leftover Halloween candy to help someone remove the temptation from their home. It’s sort of an unspoken tradition of sharing: whatever it is, if it’s on the table, it’s yours for the taking — first come, first served. That being said, here was today’s community food offering:

It wasn’t the king cake that confused me — I figured it was from an over-the-top Super Bowl party thrown by a Saints fan. What I couldn’t figure out was the location of the baby. I’ve not seen a lot of king cakes, but I was pretty sure that the baby is supposed to be baked inside the cake — not stuck to the outside. So I looked it up when I got home tonight. Okay, so I’m not crazy. The baby needs to be on the inside. Oh well. Since no one will get the baby, everyone is off the hook for supplying next year’s cake.
But here’s something that a google search can’t answer. Critter noise got the cats’ attention this morning– and mine. I can’t tell if it’s on the roof or in the ceiling, but I fear that it is of a small rodent variety. I can’t blame anything for trying to come in from the cold, but I really wish it would go somewhere else. There’s a cold, cranky woman a few doors down who looks like she could use some company. Maybe the critters could go down there. 

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