Sweet Repeat.

Taken in the parking lot during a quick trip to the grocery store. I was immediately reminded of a blog post from my friend, Amy, that I absolutely loved. Not as cute as the boxer that Amy saw (also in the parking lot of a grocery store – how weird is that?), but this puppy still made my day. He was SO anxious for his person to return. He glanced at me long enough to figure out that I wasn’t his person and immediately fixed his eyes back on the door. 

And here is the reason for being at the store. Red velvet cupcakes. Last Friday, Lorraine brought cupcakes in from our office’s favorite bakery. I had red velvet and I’ve been craving it ever since. I was going to make these for Valentine’s Day, but it’s been another brutal week — so I figured there was no point in waiting. So on a whim, I dropped by the store to pick up a few things to make this recipe.

Now that they’re finished, I’m probably prouder of myself than I should be — especially given the fact that no one has tried one. But there’s just something so rewarding about baking something from scratch. Especially for someone without any natural ability to cook whatsoever. I really hope these are edible. Guess we’ll find out. At least I can go to bed feeling good about it.

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  1. Amy says:

    How funny that you saw a dog driving a car at a grocery store, too? Love it! And your cupcakes look awesome. You should totally be proud. I made cookies today NOT from scratch. Yup, pre-packaged dough straight into the oven. It's definitely not as rewarding as making them from scratch.


  2. Isn't that a hoot? I thought of you immediately. As far as break-and-bake cookie dough goes, I think it is the best thing to happen in baking. Ever. Heck, I still feel like I've accomplished something once they're done. 🙂


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