Thank you

After wrapping up the first phase of a huge project at work, I was able to leave the office a few minutes early. Here’s the scene at my house at this very moment: it’s a Friday evening. I’m wearing flannel pjs, eating mac and cheese that I picked up on the way home (a lovely man smiled at me at Bread Co.), I’m typing by the glow of my Christmas tree lights (a tree whose skirt is currently hosting two sleeping kitties). My kids are out of town, the house is silent, I have a new book…and I have nothing to do but curl up and read it. For weeks, I have been excruciatingly busy with “I have to’s” and I’ve had no solitude. How much do I love my life at this very moment. A lot. (But next time, I’ll remember to actually say hello to a lovely man at Bread Co.) 🙂

On a different note, this is one of two Santa ornaments that I’d picked up from our recycling table at work. I was drawn to these little guys immediately. I had no idea why — they’re clearly old and a little on the ugly side. But they were so familiar and happy. They just had to have a home on our tree. When my mom was here for my jewelry show, she honed in on them right away. Then she reminded me that she and dad have that same ornament on their tree — the tree I grew up with. So they really were meant to have a home on our tree. I’ll try to remember to take a photo of their cousin when we go to my folks’ for Christmas.

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  1. Amy says:

    I think you should go back to Bread Co every day at the same time until you see him again. 🙂


  2. I should give that a try!! 🙂


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